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10441 S. Regal Blvd. Suite 100.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133
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Partnering to create strategies for success

We use our forward thinking, energy and expertise to provide each of our clients with tailored, strategic solutions.

When businesses want an experienced resource for solutions and strategies that are both innovative and effective, they contact Premier Consulting Partners. Our clients represent businesses of all sizes, in all industries. Everything we do for them, we do with their success in mind.

What Makes Premier Stand Out?

In 2005, we brought together our very specific experience levels and areas of proficiency. All partners have their own distinct discipline and knowledge base. This unique model sets Premier Consulting Partners apart.

We’re energetic and passionate about your business—applying our brand of expertise to every recommendation we make. And we do so in a way that fosters trust, builds relationships, mutual respect and open communications.

  • Innovative Solutions

    We strive to provide the best solutions for our clients, custom tailored to their goals. Never an off-the-rack option.
  • Client-centric

    We provide clients with the ever-changing strategic knowledge and insight necessary to make informed decisions, confidently and comfortably.
  • High Standards

    We hold ourselves to the highest standards of financial transparency and integrity, making substantial investments in compliance across our enterprise.

Let us help you create strategies for your success.

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  • 10441 S. Regal Blvd. Suite 100
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133
  • P. (888) 295-7410
  • F. (918) 970-4884